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Posted by flygal (483 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 10:49 PM

Hi, everyone
I know I have been pretty quiet lately (some of your prayers that I be quiet came true ha ha).
About a month after running my 5k and working as a bike medic the next day for the marathon here in Houston in January, I developed pain in one of my legs that was new and different; I thought it was more physical damage to my back, but my CT showed no major change. My rep found that only half my leads were working (one side of the electrodes had stopped working for unknown reason). The possibilities were either the lead became unplugged from the battery (easy fix: plug back in), or my lead had broken (unknown reason, but would require probable replacement of whole unit). The plain films of my back showed a fractured lead: wish I could just put a cast on it and it would heal back together!!
These past few months in major pain (I still refuse to take narcotics, because then I couldn't fly: flying is one of the rare times I don't have pain: my instructor says it is because the work load is so heavy up there flying in the clouds, which is very true) have taught me a valuable lesson. I forgot just how disabling pain can be, and what it removes from your life: I am on crutches, unable to do the second thing I love most in the world which is to run (my wonderful hubby is number one; flying is number 3). I think how hard I worked to get where I was a few months ago, and the thought of all the work in front of me to return to that status, if I am able, seems daunting. I know I did it once, but I wonder 2 things: if my body will be up to it, and if my mind will be up to it.
I have decided, instead of planning my first triathlon (which I had been doing), to sign up for the Houston 5K next January. Goals are what keep me going, even it they are not fully attainable. I will treat this as an attainable goal.
I guess the purpose of this post is for all of us out there who have gotten their pain into better control, cherish every minute. You never know when it can end. There is nothing I did to break my lead, but I will work as hard as I can to get back to where I was: running free in the forest, loving life.

Posted by ggerbrandt (142 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 11:33 PM


I can think of one higher priority than those you listed: your prayer list and how faithful you are to praying it up! Gary

Posted by VEM (205 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 1:06 AM

flygal: Please do not ever leave the RAP forum. U have been, R now and will always be such an inspiration 2 so many of us here. Yes leads can break/fracture and a cast would be an easy fix. However, U will get it repaired/replaced whatever it is that they do and U will again have goals and U will again reach as far as "is" possible 2 attain them. W/in reason of course. I am glad that U shared w/us here what is going on. Please keep us updated would U? I feel as if I know U as a very personal friend even tho it is many, many miles that separate us. It is amazing in that how we "know" our bodies. In my case I just knew/felt that there was 'something' going on in my right hip. I am on my 3rd right, total hip replacement. I have had this one in for 12 years come June 1st. Anyhow made an appt w/my orthopedic surgeon went in to see him and he showed my DH and I the x-ray. He said U R wearing out the plastic cup/shell. That was the 'bad' news. The good news is that he will NOT have to replace the stem but only the shell. My next question was, "When can I be back on my horse"... lol That would be my goal like URs is running and flying. I will walk w/what I've got w/my little gimpy gait 'til the pain is back. I have had 'no' pain in this hip but as U said just felt that something was going on out of the ordinary. KWIM? I am sending U my dear friend, lots a love, caring hugs, support and prayers! Luv U now & always! May God continue 2 bless n' keep U.....'bamaVickie

Posted by VEM (205 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 1:07 AM

Gary you and flygal were here when I first came on board the RAP support forum. I thank God 4 both of U. U as well R such an inspiration to so many here. U R a dear sweetheart as I have told U before! May God continue to bless U both always! 'bamaVickie

Posted by gooneybirds (77 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 1:42 AM

Hi flygal:  Sorry to hear of your set back, but don't let it stop you -- it's just a delay.  If the gal in the wheelchair can do the Boston marathon, you can do the one in TX.  Keep up the positive thinking.    Dee

Posted by flygal (483 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 3:32 AM

You are so right about my belief in God and how important it is to pray for others, especially those in greater need than me.
If any of you follow contemporary Christian music, there is a song by Matthew West called Survivor that really hits home for those like us who sometimes feel like we are survivors. CCM is a big part of my life: I listen to it as much as I can (although my boss won't let me, since a coworker abused the opportunity of listening to whatever on headsets). It really lets me know as bad as it sometimes gets, there is always someone there with me: very comforting.

Posted by jinglepaws (220 posts)
Apr 25, 2013 7:56 AM

So sorry to hear of your setback. The good news is that it is repairable. It sucks but knowing your spirit, you will bounce back. You are the most physically active person I know using a SCS. You'll appreciate your SCS even more once it is back in working order. Hang in and keep us posted.






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