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  what they don't tell you!!!

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I had my permanent SCS installed on December 19th. My paddles also became loose and moved and failed to provide proper coverage. I had the revision complete...

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  New Here for a Boston Scientific SCS

Hello All ... after 4 back surgeries in the spring of 2017 and numerous injections between June and December it was determined the SCS is the next step for me. I have constant pain from my lower back ...

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chronic back pain

Hello everyone or anyone that has lived with chronic back pain for 4+ years diagnosed with AS and fibromyalgia and arthritis think that is about as much pain as I can handle. Finally saw a pain manag...

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Hope it works for you

I just want to say to everyone that this works for, YAY! I am very happy for you. As I'm sure you've got it figured out, it didn't work so well for me. I am definitely not knocking it, I personally kn...

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I wish I had known about SCS sooner

I've been a chronic pain sufferer since the late 90's. Having had a total of 46 surgeries on my back, neck, hips, feet and hands I thought I was doomed to live with pain. I don't do pain meds or opi...

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New Here

I just had my permanent SCS installed on Dec 19th. Was it pain free? No. There was also a complication that forced me to have a revision done on Dec 29th but I am now healed and getting nearly 100% ...

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Thinking about scs removal

Hello, I had my scs implanted 3 weeks ago. Before the surgery I asked a lot of questions about patient support and representative availability in the case of an emergency. All of my questions were an...

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Searching for Relief

Sorry, I can't help you with the numbness/tingling being covered. However, I do get leg cramps due to something else, and it helps cover it up. Can't wait to hear of your trial results. Remember, any ...

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Good Pain Management Doctor in Dallas area

I live in Frisco but will travel for a good doctor who has a lot of experience with the Boston Stimulator. My stepmom got one in Florida and she is like a NEW WOMAN. My chronic pain is in the Thoracic...

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How often do I keep my stimulator on

I keep mine on 24/7 and have for the almost 11 years I have had it. I normally keep it on a low volume but turn it up when my pain increases, then turn it down when pain back under control again. Have...

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Mike Roman

Michael Roman will always be lovingly remembered for inspiring so many who suffer from chronic pain. He toured the country sharing about his battle against chronic pain — urging others to never give up. Through determination and a positive outlook, Michael lived his life to the fullest, while also giving hope and strength to countless people who faced seemingly insurmountable situations. Michael will be missed, but his positive influence lives on.

At Race Against Pain, our mission is to bring help, hope, and heroes into your life — so you and your loved ones can win your race against the debilitating effects of severe chronic pain.

We're here to help you get back to living your life, and to help you achieve your dreams — whatever those dreams may be.

Everyone has his or her own race against pain. For most, it's a race to find answers, information, people to talk to, and heroes who can help — and to get back what pain has stolen.


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We are a leading innovator of medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

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Sara W.

Absolutely amazing. After getting the trial, the first thing we did was take a walk...

Sara W., Chronic Pain

Sara W.

I can do a lot of things, like tend to my orchids, go to the gym, and go dancing...

Dick B., Low Back Pain

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