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New SCS for me

My surgery used the same 2 incisions (between shoulder blades, rt butt cheeK), If only generator was going to be changed, I would have only needed rt butt cheek incision I am pretty sure,...

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IPG site became painful

Please have it examined I had symptoms like this but also ran a low grade fever, ended up with staph infection it wasn't a bad one the were able to leave stimulator in. Infection was just under the s...

Started by: khudachek 32 Views 3 Replies Last reply: by kter2001

IPG site became painful

Certainly sounds like infection is a strong possibility. I would definitely have your doc check it out sooner rather than later.

Started by: khudachek 15 Views 2 Replies Last reply: by jinglepaws

Removal of SCS

I had my implant put in 19 months ago and had about 50 programming sessions. The programs never stay where we program them so after a few hours to a few days the stimulation is in an entire different ...

Started by: pixpuf 31 Views 2 Replies Last reply: by nopainrelief

Ketamine IV

There are a few clinics around the country that will provide Ketamine therapy, apparently with very promising results for chronic pain as well as chronic depression. There is one in Charleston, SC. On...

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New to this

So glad you are getting such wonderful results; look forward to hearing more about your new life

Started by: sarahf81 110 Views 15 Replies Last reply: by flygal

High Frequency Mode

Major smiles going up for you. I am so happy!! Onwards to your new life. What are the first 3 things you want to do?

Started by: Bigsmile123 119 Views 14 Replies Last reply: by flygal

Perc or Paddles?

Hi I called my rep and he told me that the paddles are more effective for pain, that's all they put in, only the newest technology. I know it doesn't answer your question but I hope you don't have mi...

Started by: Bigsmile123 23 Views 2 Replies Last reply: by hatetoshop


I had seen a thread a few days ago called whine. It disappeared. Does anyone know what happened?

Started by: flygal 29 Views 1 Replies Last reply: by flygal

3 weeks post op

i had been seeing a pain psychologist, so psych eval was one of my sessions. I would strongly suggest pretty much everyone on this website see one, if only to verbalize all those pent-up "Why me" feel...

Started by: bmillsblndy 112 Views 12 Replies Last reply: by flygal
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Mike Roman

Michael Roman will always be lovingly remembered for inspiring so many who suffer from chronic pain. He toured the country sharing about his battle against chronic pain — urging others to never give up. Through determination and a positive outlook, Michael lived his life to the fullest, while also giving hope and strength to countless people who faced seemingly insurmountable situations. Michael will be missed, but his positive influence lives on.

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We're here to help you get back to living your life, and to help you achieve your dreams — whatever those dreams may be.

Everyone has his or her own race against pain. For most, it's a race to find answers, information, people to talk to, and heroes who can help — and to get back what pain has stolen.


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Sara W.

Absolutely amazing. After getting the trial, the first thing we did was take a walk...

Sara W., Chronic Pain

Sara W.

I can do a lot of things, like tend to my orchids, go to the gym, and go dancing...

Dick B., Low Back Pain

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